SULA by Toni Morrison

<img src="docs/anistargreen.gif"> The Nobel Prize in Literature 1993 <img src="docs/arrowgreensmall.gif"> Click HERE. url :

Toni Morrison's Nobel lecture (text & real audio recording - 33mn) [Read and listen HERE]url: url :

Distinguished Women of Past and Present provides [A detailed biography of Toni Morrison]url: url :

Toni Morrison biography and links to Biographies on the web, Toni Morrison 's writings on the Web, Interviews with and by Toni Morrison on the Web, Articles about Toni Morrison on the Web, Bibliography. [Follow this link]url: url :

"Where did the idea for Sula come from? Did Eva really love Hannah? Were the women in the book bad mothers?Should friends forgive sexual betrayals? Who does Toni Morrison write for? Did you have difficulty with the ending? What does Toni love about reading?" [Click HERE to access Oprah Winfrey Discussion Highlights : Sula]url: url :

[Representation, race, and the "language" of the ineffable in Toni Morrison's narrative]url: - from the African American Review, Summer, 1999 - An essay by Abdellatif Khayati. url :

Another critical essay from the African American Review, Fall, 2000 by Katy Ryan : [Revolutionary Suicide in Toni Morrison's Fiction]url: url :

[Form Matters: "Toni Morrison's Sula and the Ethics of Narrative."]url: by Axel Nissen - "Abstract : Ethical issues of how one should live in the world, are explored not through treatise, but though character and situation in Sula, a novel by Toni Morrison. A study of Morrison's work reveals the difficulties man faces in making ethical judgements, through Morrison's technique of providing an ethical aspect to the narrative form." url :

Follow this link and find [more essays and articles at]url: url :

b[Acacia Toni Morrison's Sula Study guide]b [Click HERE for a short "Overview & Themes" page]url: url :

b[ClassicNote on Sula : 2 essays]b - To read "Evil and Conformity in Toni Morrison's u[Sula]u" & "Reclaiming Identity in Toni Morrison's u[Sula]u". [Click HERE]url: The second essay is available to classic notes members only. url :

b[MonkeyNotes - Sula]b : Summaries, study questions, analyses, key literary elements - from [Click HERE]url: url :

b[eNotes - Sula - Topics for further study]b : This is a u[fee-paying site]u b[!]b ($9.95 Full access to the eNotes for u[Sula]u. Unlimited access to u[Sula]u for 90 days). [Click HERE]url: url :

b[Spark Notes]b - Context, characters, summary, study questions (& answers) [Click HERE to access Spark Notes on Sula]url: url :

From b[SwissEduc]b : A guide to teaching Sula, discussion questions, explanations, and more…. [Access SwissEduc now]url: url : ; [ SwissEduc - The English Page: ] - updated : 14/09/05

This b[Guide to teaching Sula]b may come in handy [Click HERE]url: url :

b[Hypertext on Sula by Toni Morrison : Explanations to pp-23-29]b "At Meridian the women got out with their children. … Leaving Medallion would be her goal. But that was before she met Sula, the girl she had seen for five years at Garfield Primary but never played with, never knew, because her mother said that Sula’s mother was sooty. The trip, perhaps, or her new found me-ness, gave her the strength to cultivate a friend in spite of her mother." Links to Answers to questions about Sula. From Oprah's Book Club, May 2, 02 & Ideas on Sula. [Click HERE]url: url :

b[Discussion Questions for Sula]b [Click HERE to access "Discussion Questions for Sula"]url: url :

b[Study Questions]b - prepared by R. Permenter, Slippery Rock University. [Click HERE]url: url :

b[Essay Assignments]b : [Click HERE to view some "Essay Assignments on T. Morrison's Sula"]url: :

b[Berkeley High School]b [Click HERE to access "Sula : Essay topics"]url: url :

b[The history of Jim Crow]b - with links about u[Sula]u. [Go to the History of Jim Crow]url: url :

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