Quelques ressources ESL

<img src="docs/SRsounder.gif"> <img src="docs/arrowlightbluesmall.gif"> Penguin Dossiers, un site très complet qui propose des activités et un 'factsheet' pour accompagner chaque enregistrement. (www.penguindossiers.com)

[the Bob & Rob Show]url:http://englishcaster.com/bobrob/. "Weekly English lessons from a Yankee and a Brit." Talks about English, learning English, words, idiom, and grammatical rules. Niv. A2-B1. (englishcaster.com/bobrob)

[Ello – English Language Listening Lab Online]url:http://www.elllo.org/. Learn English by listening to English speakers from all over the world. Over 500 listening activities to choose from!" Des conversations, des chansons, et 'listening games.' Ello propose des enregistrements classés par niveaux, les scripts des enregistrements, et un moteur de recherche sur la "Search page." (www.elllo.org)

[English Jokes]url:http://www.voiceblog.jp/joke/. (www.voiceblog.jp/joke)

[Shaggy Dog Stories and other mp3 recordings]url:http://www.antimoon.com/other/shaggydog.htm. (www.antimoon.com/other/shaggydog.htm)

ELL – English Listening Lounge: "Learn English by listening. Study anytime, any place. It's easy, and it's fun. Listen to real people speaking real English." Find audio recordings about various topics like social issues, sports, music, lifestyle… and for all levels ('new,' 'regular,' and 'advanced' listeners). This is a fee-paying site but a small section of the site, the "Guest Area," may be accessed for free. Visit the [English Listening Lounge]url:http://www.englishlistening.com/. (www.englishlistening.com)

You'll find a near exhaustive compilation of links to resources for listening practice: [HERE]url:http://iteslj.org/links/ESL/Listening/Podcasts/index.html url: http://iteslj.org/links/ESL/Listening/Podcasts/index.html

[for FEEDBACK. Your suggestions, teaching tips, lesson plans... are heartily welcome!]mail:marie-christine.silvestri@ac-corse.fr


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