FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

<img src="docs/anistargreen.gif"> "When Frankenstein appeared in 1818, it not only opened the door for the new genre of science fiction but also introduced a theme of enduring importance: moral responsibility in light of scientific invention. The story centers on young Dr. Frankenstein and his obsession with giving an inanimate object life. Upon seeing the grotesqueness of his creation, Dr. Frankenstein flees it. The creature, however, seeks to find acceptance among humans but is rejected. In the end, both the creator and the creature are destroyed." Suggestions for Related reading & a downloadable study guide in pdf format at Glencoe Literature Library i[( You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. )]I : <img src="docs/arrowgreensmall.gif"> Go to Frankenstein at Glencoe Literature Library. Homepage :

A large section of C. Hamberg's website is specifically devoted to Mary Shelley's most famous novel u[Frankenstein]u, "offering a summary, a title explanation, character descriptions and information about the genre of Gothic literature. The text of Frankenstein is available in a fully annotated HTML format." [Click HERE to go to My Hideous Progeny - Mary Shelley's Frankenstein]url: url :

Aptly described as "A wealth of online resources: criticism, e-texts, images, movie links, study guides." I haven't tested u[all]u the links though. [Click HERE to browse Frankenstein : Internet Resources]url: url :

A compilation of annotated links by Carla Beard. [Click HERE to visit Mary Shelley at Web English Teacher]url: Web English Teacher Homepage : [Click HERE to read Frankenstein online now]url: : [Click HERE to access FreeBookNotes - Frankenstein]url: [Click HERE to access Novel Guide - Frankenstein]url:

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