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<img src="docs/SRbulletsquarelightblue.jpg"> Dave's ESL Café by Dave Sperling provides a useful page of <img src="docs/arrowgreysmall.gif"> IDIOMS. Click on alphabetical groups of <img src="docs/arrowgreysmall.gif"> Meanings & Examples; a page of <img src="docs/arrowgreysmall.gif"> PHRASAL VERBS. Click on alphabetical groups of <img src="docs/arrowgreysmall.gif"> Meanings & Examples. A page about <img src="docs/arrowgreysmall.gif"> English SLANG. Click on alphabetical groups of <img src="docs/arrowgreysmall.gif"> Meanings & Examples. QUIZZES on the following subjects : geography, grammar, history, idioms, slang, words, people, reading comprehension, science, world culture, and writing. <img src="docs/arrowgreysmall.gif"> Click here to go to the QUIZZES now. A page of <img src="docs/arrowgreysmall.gif"> WEB GUIDE LINKS. And more at:

Click on this link to [Go go to Ohio ESL now]url: url:

[Follow this link to access Web English Teacher's page of ESL links]url:

Interesting Things for ESL Students - A fun study site for students of English as a Second Language. Description by the authors : "This web site is for people studying English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL). There are quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, a random-sentence generator and other study materials. (…) This site is non-commercial and has no advertising." Don't miss the vocabulary quizzes with pictures. [Click HERE to access Many]url: url:

Marie Nuzzi's List of valuable ESL resources. You will find many sites with an abundance of ESL information for teachers and students. [Click HERE and browse through Marie Nuzzi's List of valuable ESL resources]url: url:

An ESLoop site by Kaye Mallory, and certainly one of "the BEST English-Learner's site on the 'Net!" In the Teacher Zone you will find printable worksheets, lessons, games, activities and quizzes; printable teaching forms, grading sheets, rubrics, etc.; fun pages relating to English as a language, its inconsistencies, jokes, and other fun language nonsense; worksheets contributed by the Churchill House School of English; and more… [Click HERE to access]url: url:

A website by Judie Haynes, author and co-author of four books on helping classroom teachers with their ESL students. She has taught elementary ESL for 22 years. She is the recipient of the New Jersey Governor's Teacher Grant and TESOL's Newbury Award for Excellence in teaching. She was also chosen as the N.J.ESL Teacher of the Year in May, 1993. [Click HERE to visit now]url: at

The Teacher Tap is a free, professional development resource that helps educators address common technology integration questions by providing practical, online resources and activities. New resources are added regularly. [Click HERE to go to The Teacher Tap now]url: url:

"The Tower of English is here to help ESL students and teachers quickly find the best places on the Internet to practice real English! You'll find about 300 fun and interesting websites in 34 different categories. The Tower is easy to use. Just choose a page from the ESL Internet Guide at left. You'll find a list of sites for you to visit. Read about the site to see if you're interested. Read Your Turn for a fun idea for a related activity. Some of these activities can be done at home, and some can be done in your classroom." Another five gold stars website! [Click HERE to enter the Tower of English Lobby now]url: at

A library of classroom materials for Primary, Secondary and F.E. English, Drama and Media Studies teachers. Downloadable files in PDF format. [Click HERE to go to Teachit now]url: url:

An ESLoop bilingual website by Linda Thalman. Also includes links for candidates to CAPES and AGREGATION competitive exams. [Click HERE to access Volterre's Resources to Learn & Teach English]url: [Click HERE to access Volterre-fr Homepage]url: url:

This website provides free English teaching and learning materials for both students and teachers. Resources are organized by skills and levels for quick and easy access. [Click HERE to access ESL Gold now]url: url:

i4c provides a variety of resources "to help teachers use Internet effectively." [Click HERE to access i4c ESL now]url: url: The links for K-12 teachers page may be worth a visit. [Click HERE to go to Links for K-12 Teachers]url: url:

A site to test, learn and study the English language online. Free online exercises and activities, and links to other resources available on the net such as newspapers, short stories, problem page, grammar reference, webquests, and much more... [Click HERE to access WORLD-ENGLISH now]url: url:

Teaching English is a co-production between the British Broadcasting Corporation and the British Council. It provides free materials, activities, teaching ideas and techniques, as well as a forum. "The materials on this site are designed for non-native speaker teachers of English working in state schools around the world." You may subscribe to their weekly Newsletter to be informed of the latest additions to the site. [Go to TEACHING ENGLISH now]url: at

This website "has been created as a resource for researching ESL/EFL ideas and creating lessons/courses as quickly as possible." [Click HERE to go to ESLFLOW]url: at

Le contenu de n'importe quel site web sur internet peut être modifié à tout moment. Si un lien indiqué sur cette page conduit à un site dont le contenu ne correspond plus à la présentation que nous en avons fait, [Merci de nous contacter immédiatement par email pour nous le signaler]

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