Cartoons galore and lesson ideas

Tons of 'toons conveniently listed alphabetically or by categories can be accessed from the homepage. Go to url : Or Click here to access the editorial cartoons page on url:

Another great place to browse and look for comics and political cartoons. Go to url :

A new editorial cartoon on world affairs by Chappatte every thursday. Go to Globe Cartoon now. url : Globe Cartoon site map. url :

More political cartoons and a teacher's guide on this very comprehensive website. "We're working with our friends at ClassBrain to create new daily lesson plans. We will feature five new cartoons each week, often with comments by the cartoonists who drew the cartoons. Click on the arrow to scroll through the five cartoon lesson plans. Teacher's are welcome to print these cartoons out for use in their classrooms -- you dont have to ask for permission. We may give you permission to republish these cartoons in your publications also, contact" (…) Go to the Pro Cartoonists Index homepage. url :

- "We have developed lesson plans for using the editorial cartoons as a teaching tool in Social Sciences, Art, Journalism and English at all levels." Go to the Teacher's Guide for the Professional Cartoonist's Index. url :

The political cartoons page on is just... this mouse click away!. url : - Access editorial cartoons, the defining documents of the United States, teaching tools, and more from

The comics page is HERE. url :

Click here to read Clare Lavery's Tips. More tips and lesson plans at And more "Clare's Tips" on the British Council's website. url :

The site offers a cartoon strip library, a history of the strip, information about the characters, and more... Follow this link to Visit the official Peanuts website now at

Popular cartoons are available on this site. Visit Toonville now at

Slylock Fox & comics for kids by Bob Weber, Jr. Games like Find the Six Differences (3 sets of pictures) or Brainbogglers (3 frames). With "Hints" and "Answer" buttons. These short activities can be done in the computer room, when your students need a break. The teacher may also choose to work in class with a video projector, or a transparency, and to use these comics as a topic for discussion in a speaking fluency activity. Go to Slylock Fox at

A daily cartoon by Guy and Brad Gilchrist. Read about Nancy 's antics and browse through the archive. url : Many other comics are featured on the website.

A unit on political cartoons and a fine example of what Arts teachers can do with the web. Explore, and create a unit based on a unit-based-on-a-unit by Larry Woodson and Dr. Mary Stokrockie! Click HERE. url : [for advanced learners, but may be adapted to suit lower levels.]

On this page by Bill Chapman you will find a lesson idea for using cartoons in the classroom and links to more sites providing editorial cartoons. Go to "Cartoonist for a day" at provides activities and worksheets for studying Editorial Cartoons in the Classroom. url :

The American newspaper website used to offer a page for educators who wish to use editorial cartoons in the classroom. You can still view Walt Handelsman's latest Editorial Cartoons and browse through the archive Here. url :,0, - 12.01.07

• Teacher's Notes :Focus On Cartoons is an online investigation into the history and use of political cartoons. It includes activities ranging from simple quizzes to in-depth interrogations of cartoons. • What are they? :This section introduces the student to what a political cartoon is and provides an introduction to the history of political cartoons. The section ends with a simple quiz. • Cartoons as Evidence :This section illustrates how cartoons can be interpreted by looking at the use of icons, captions and imagery. It leads the student towards making a judgment on whether cartoons are useful evidence for a historical enquiry. The section prepares students to tackle 'Your Turn'. • Your Turn :This section allows the students to use the knowledge they acquired in the other sections. It provides two cartoons which can be thoroughly investigated (students can type in answers which can be printed out alongside our interpretation) and an activity where students can build their own cartoons." Visit Historical Cartoons now. url : - 12.01.07

A Vast Repository of Toonological Knowledge : The Toons • The People Behind the Toons • The Companies that Produce the Toons • Other Stuff • Browse Toonopedia now. url :

Provided by the U.S. National Archives & Records Administration, you'll find a Cartoon Analysis Worksheet HERE. url : - 12.01.07

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